Road Bikes

Speed or distance, racing or recreational, touring or triathlon. No matter which way you slice it, skinny tires are the way to move on smooth (or at least smoother) surfaces. Racing Bikes are no holds barred machines for speed. But if you are not looking to crush the peleton, recreational road bikes offer more comfort for all day riding. But if it’s all week riding, well then there is nothing that will suffice other than a touring bike.

Women Road Bike Racing

And if you need step outside the norm and tri something a little more, let’s say, extreme, there are two remaining options (on opposite sides of the spectrum) that fit that bill: triathlon and cyclocross.

Road Bike Brands

The list on the right can be used to quickly see the highlights from each of the brands we sell. The list below links to each manufacturer and shows the complete selection we provide (links open in new window):

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