Commuter / Urban Bikes

Phoenix is a great city to bike. The weather (though some times a little warm) offers year round riding with clear skys. Take advantage of the many bike lanes and canal paths to get around Phoenix on a bike fast and safe. Pass a Prius to get a few extra smug points!

Hybrids are a great choice for commuting because they are designed for adding racks and offer a wide gear range to haul kids or groceries. The wider tires also make navigating the varying road surfaces more comfortable.

But for shear fun, a Single Speed road bike can’t be beat. Forget about shifting, just pedal and go. Remember what is was like as a kid to just get on your bike and go? That’s what single speeds offer. Plus the are light and fast which always makes for a good time.

Fixed Gear Bikes offer a more direct connection with spinning the pedals around and around. The added control also allows for tricks that can’t be done on any other kind of bike. Riding a fixie changes the way you see the streets, the become more like a playground!

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