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Custom Bike Builds

Specialized Roubaix

2014 Specialized Roubaix (Test Bike)

When called to arms, the classic-winning Roubaix reacts as though simply an extension of mind and body. Pros like Tom Boonen—who rode his Roubaix SL4 to a record equaling 4th Paris-Roubaix victory in 2012—count on its smooth ride and responsive handling to get the job done. With size-specific engineering and a frame that delivers the… Read more

Cannondale Scalpel 29er

Cannondale Scalpel 29er

“Rock Solid” is not a term usually used to describe a nimble, featherweight XC race bike, but it’s perfectly fitting for the Scalpel 29. The Scalpel is the most efficient pedaling and and precise handling XC weapon out there.

Cielo Sportif Racer by Chris King

Cielo by Chris King

“For those with speed on their minds, our Sportif Racer aims to please. Designed around short reach caliper brakes (39-49mm), with trimmed down chainstays, Chris King vertical stainless steel dropouts, lower head tube height, and tighter clearances than the Sportif Classic, the Racer is a very quick bicycle. Paired with a purpose built handmade Cielo… Read more

Spot Brand Honey Badger

Spot Brand Honey Baedger SS

Spot has rethought the way a vertical slider-style dropout should come together (literally). Not only does it allow both belt-driven and chain-driven single-speed configurations, it also gives you the option to add a derailleur and “gear up.” The unique compact system also gives you the ability to remove and replace the rear wheel without having… Read more

Moots Frosti

Moots Frosti

Several years ago Moots began to experiment with snow bikes, because well, we live where snow is king for a large part of the year and we wanted to see what we could build to get around on the packed out trails that litter our town. We started by building a few of these machines… Read more

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