2012 State Bicycle Company Culprit


State Bicycle Co. is proud to announce the addition of a Fixed-Gear Freestyle (FGFS) line. We believe that these models are our most versatile yet. The 100% proprietary geometry can accommodate complete 360° bar-spins & up to 50c tires. Our FGFS model is standard with a 36×13 gear ratio, allowing for a dynamic ride whether you’re performing basic tricks, playing polo, commuting, or going on a long ride. The stock 35c tires are perfect for those in cold weather climates navigating difficult terrain. The frame and fork have been proven to be both durable and strong, yet light. Adding to the value we’ve included the best foot retention- Hold Fast straps ($59.95 value) & the popular Animal’s Steven Hamilton pedals ($27.99 value), making the State Bicycle Co. FGFS line the only sub-$600 complete of its kind.

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